The effect of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic on Income Inequality: Evidence from Italy, with S. Galletta, (forthcoming) The Review of Economics and Statistics [WP Jul2020]

[Media coverage: VoxEUThe PostInstitute for Policy StudiesIl Fatto Quotidiano, Jornal de Negócios]

– “Exposure to Corruption and Political Participation: Evidence from Italian Municipalities, (2021) European Journal of Political Economy [WP Feb2020]

Working papers

– “Corruption under Austerity, with G. Daniele, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 15891, 2021 [WP May2020] R&R on The Economic Journal

[Media coverage: Bocconi Knowledge, VoxEu, The Telegraph]

– Lockdown and Voting Behaviour: A Natural Experiment on Postponed Elections during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with Gabriel Loumeau, CEPR COVID Economics Issue No. 41, 2020 [WP Aug2020R&R on Economic Policy

[Media coverage: VoxEUNeue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)Alternatives Economiques]

– “Corruption and Extremism, with A. GasparM. Morelli and A. Nicolò, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 14634, 2020 [WP May2021(under review)

A Machine Learning Approach to Analyzing Corruption in Local Public Finance, with E. Ash and S. Galletta, WP Series ETH Zurich Center for Law & Economics, Number 06/2020, 2020 [WP Jun2020] (under review)

– “Does Progressivity Always Lead to Progress? The Impact of Local Redistribution on Tax Manipulation, CESifo Working Paper Series No. 7588, 2019 [WP Apr2019] (under review)

– “A Fistful of Dollars: Rent Seeking Behaviour and Local Tax Manipulation, Dondena Working Paper No: 130, 2019 [WP Oct2019] (under review)

(Selected) Work in progress

Legal Uncertainty and the Judicial Process”, with L. Guiso, C. Michelacci and M. Morelli

– “The Impact of Co-Sponsorship Rules on Quality and Complexity of US Laws”, with M. Morelli and M. D. Paserman